Origin of products
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After harvesting the hay and straw are pressed into huge and heavy cubes. They are then stored in our large bricked halls. So we can ensure storing in a dark, cool and dry place.

We first clean and treat the raw material. Our hay has been left long as we have found animals prefer. Our dedusting and pressing production plant is one of the largest of its type in Europe. After treatment the hay and straw are pressed into bales between 15 and 18 kilogram. The size is 0,6 meter x 0,4 m x 0,3 m. It can be handled by one person.

After pressing the bales are automatically packed on new one-way palettes (size 1,2 meter x 1,2 m). The whole palette with 54 bales is then wrapped in a net or plastic. 

Our hay- and straw-bales are tightly pressed. The weight of a hay-bale is up to 18 kilogram to optimize transportation costs.



 The pictures show a part of the production and the palette wrapping station

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