Origin of products
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Origin of our hay and straw

Our hay and straw is produced in Sachsen-Anhalt in the middle of Germany. The moderate climate is suitable for high quality agriculture. The annual temperature is between -7 and +25 degree Celsius. We have approximately 600 liter anual rain per squaremeter. Grass and corn grow brilliant. 

Our farmers produce according to the European und German law for agriculture. Genetic modified plants or seeds are never used. The grass is harvested by cutting and not by chaffing. The hay is then dried by the sun, racked and turned three times. 

The hayfields and cornfields are frequently checked during the year. The production of our hay and straw is certified by the European GMP+ certification. This grants you German quality und security for your animals.

We offer different sorts of straw. Each sort has their own characteristic.

Wheat-straw is usually used for animal food components. The color is brown-gray and the structure is strong. Barley-straw is more yellow and more frequently used for bedding. Straw from rye is between wheat and barley in color and range of use.

We also offer straw from peas. This can be used for sheep, pigeons and other birds.



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